Packing Your Carry on Luggage


l TipsCarrying a bag onto an airplane these days is no simple matter. Security regulations and the weight restrictions of particular airlines make packing your carry on bag a tricky proposition. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when you pack your carry-on bag: the length of the journey, any conditions you may have that you need to pack for, security and the weight of the bag.

The length of your journey should be a strong determining factor when you pack. When flying on a transcontinental or transatlantic flight, for example, you should focus more on packing for comfort than on a flight from New York to Chicago. For a longer flight, you should include items like books to read and a music player with which you can keep yourself occupied. If you plan to sleep on the plane you might want to pack a non-narcotic sleep aid. Continue Reading “Packing Your Carry on Luggage”